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YUME was founded in 2016. Original shop situated in Chestnut, North Carolina imitate ramen stall in Japan. It was moved to South End in spring 2018 consists of a full bar lounge, main dining area & sushi bar.

YUME aims to provide the most authentic Japanese Hakata ramen (noodles) and traditional Japanese Edomae-Sushi to the goers in Charlotte.

We also offers an extensive selection of unique mixed drinks and cocktails, single malt whiskys, vodkas, Champagne and signature Japanese Sake, in a warm and contemporary setting, providing a classy yet relaxed atmosphere for pre- or post-dinner drinks.

YUME does not have any branch at the moment.

Our Ramen

YUME’s chicken and pork ramen have a very special place in head chef Tony’s heart. He was only 8 years old when he started learning the family’s ramen recipe in his father’s tiny but always crowded restaurant. Using his father’s secret recipe of carefully selected Shitake mushrooms, Konbu seaweed and fresh yuzu, the ramen broth is simmered for 48 hours to produce the perfect combination of texture and rich flavours that Chef Tony is so proud to share with you today.

Shio: It is the most classic flavor. It can extract the original taste of our Tonkotsu without mixing in with any other taste.

Shoyu: Soya sauce is a seasoning with rich taste that brings full of rich and fragrant flavors into our Tonkotsu. The taste of ramen is greatly improved.

Miso: Compared with Shoyu, miso has a richer flavor. Its unique bean aroma is the charm of many people. However, because miso itself is very rich in flavor, it sometimes covers the taste of soup itself.

Spicy Miso: Basing on Miso, we added our specially made “red spicy sauce”. The sauce brings a delicate balance of chili powder in the miso. It is hot but it is good.

Our Sushi

What separates a good sushi bar from a great sushi bar? Attention to detail and fresh fish are the basic requirements; craftsmanship and technical skill, too, is paramount. Our settings tend to be the warm & cozy, where diners can freely interact with the itamae in front of them, where every meal is an adventure via the free-form menu that is omakase (“chef’s choice”). Of course we have also a-la-carte sushi menu.

Find a good sushi bar and you’ll eat well for an evening

Find a great sushi bar, make friends with the chef, and you’ll eat well for life.